Three Meem Foundation – Shortlisted – Best Women’s Service 2021

Three Meem Foundation

Three Meem foundation has made women a matter of priority. It is one of their key focus areas as it understands the deep-rooted challenges for Muslim women. Three Meem is providing an active platform and opportunity to promote their voice and help them to exercise their rights and contribute on a level par to their counterparts. Three Meem Foundation started a series of programmes for Women only, focusing specifically on their needs. These are led and entirely managed by a group of passionate and devoted women. They are helping to empower its members through collective discussions and support. It has been a very proud and satisfying journey to see this group grow and reach a membership base in excess of 150 women.

Three Meem initiated health webinars to highlight Women health issues
particularly related to the BAME group. These have been regularly ongoing since
September 2020. Born from this is our women only health programmes which
have shed light of mis-information, health inequalities, cancer screening, cultural
barriers in seeking help, mental health issues and the lack of support pertaining
to a healthy life style and exercise.
With the assistance of local volunteer Health Professionals, we have been
running fortnightly talks. We have included interactive sessions to help with the learning and development of our members, very much required when working with BAME women who have so many relevant questions and concerns.
Topics covered include female specific cancers, bowl cancer, menopause and its
available treatment, Gynaecological issues and the list goes on. 29% of Muslim women between the ages of 16 and 24 are in employment, compared to approximately half the general population. Muslim women are underrepresented in employment and is identified as the most disadvantaged
group in the labour market. Various barriers are implicated including lack of
enough opportunities to retrain and upgrade skills such as computer literacy.
Three Meem have arranged six-week long IT courses to upskill and guide them
to securing employment aligned with their capabilities.