Shaykh Haroon Sidat – Shortlisted – Most Impactful Imam

Shaykh Haroon Sidat
Shaykh Haroon Sidat is  currently a Research Associate at the Centre for the Study of Islam in the UK at Cardiff University. He completed a PhD looking at the formation and training of British Muslim Scholarship (ulama) with an ethnographic study of a Dar al-Uloom, or traditional Islamic seminary in modern Britain. This was part of the Jameel Scholarship Programme.

He also has a background in traditional Islamic Studies, and this is where he seeks to combine textual learning of the Islamic tradition with the sociology of religious professionals.
He continues to teach courses in the Islamic traditional sciences in the areas of Islamic law (fiqh) and theology (aqidah). He also teaches modules around contemporary Muslims concerns such as Sufism and Islamic law in Britain. Currently, he is working on an innovative and ground-breaking project looking at the lived experiences of imams in Britain at Cardiff University.