Rumi’s Cave – Shortlisted – Best Women’s Service 2021

Rumi’s Cave
Rumi’s Cave is an alternative community hub, arts and events venue in London, presenting a diverse range of cultural and social programmes to connect hearts, minds and communities. Rumi’s Cave focuses specifically on enhancing women’s skills, talents and passions through a range of different mediums. It is a non-defined social space open to all to reflect and share, inspired by the legacy of Jalauddin Rumi.
Rooted in a vibrant and dynamic community, the Cave has managed to bring together a diverse group of local and international guests, who share a passion for culture, creativity and learning. It also serves as a safe, non-judgemental space, where people from different backgrounds can come together and explore their cultures and identity. Rumi’s Cave is a space opened for all to provide much needed help and support to the very vulnerable members of our community.
The Cave offers an eclectic mix of programs and events, ranging from poetry, storytelling and music nights, to afternoon tea, and a variety of talks, courses and creative workshops centred around women to help them grow and develop their skills and passions.