Maysoon Shafiq – Shortlisted – Most Impactful Alimah 2021

Maysoon Shafiq

Maysoon Shafiq is the founder and Director of Al Mu’Minun (The Believers), a non-profit organisation dedicated to serving the youth through open spaces of spirituality, dialogue, and empowerment.

Maysoon actively works in the community to promote gender parity, inclusivity and diversity through open dialogue in her communication.

She holds several events, seminars and conferences for members of the community (Muslims and Non-Muslims) so they may understand fully the religion of Islam and the rights offered to women. She has mentored several women who have all trained to be successful champions in their own right.

Her work has been recognised through several awards; she was awarded the Commendable Award at the British Muslim Awards 2020 under the Leading Lights of the Year category and she received the Diversity Champion of the Year Award 2020 at the Kirklees Inclusion & Diversity Awards 2020.

She has published a book “First Steps in Understanding Islam” and it is available on Amazon to purchase as either an eBook or a paper copy.

Maysoon has a Masters degree in education and a law degree from the University of Huddersfield.

She strives to narrow the divide in inclusion and diversity through open dialogue.

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