Best Youth Service 2021

Category #2 – Best Youth Service:

This category look at Mosques that have developed programmes and or facilities for the Youth (under 18 male or female). Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we will be assessing how Mosques adapted and still provided support to the youth in the community and what programmes they had in place post-lockdown.

Judges will be looking to see if there are testimonies from youth that use the services or facilities.

2021 winners: Lantern Academy (Link)

2020 winners: Hayes Muslim Centre (Link)

2019 winners: Guidance Hub, Manchester (Link)

2018 winners: Al Madina Mosque, Barking (Link)


Lantern Academy


Lantern Academy is located in Central Rochdale runs many youth oriented events to inspire, educate and develop the next generation.

Al Manaar MCHC

Al Manaar focuses on engaging the youth through a plethora of activities including, academic, sporting events and through retreats.

The Emaan Trust

The Emaan Trust focuses on bringing up young Muslim generations who practice their faith, memorise the Qur’an and are linked with the Arabic language and Islamic culture.